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How To Submit Your Music

To submit your music for consideration on WVTC Radio, please attach the following in an email addressed to To apply for guest slots on radio shows, then use the form below!



  • Upload only .mp3 files for songs and .png or jpg. files for cover art

  • Ensure all the correct metadata along with the cover art is properly embedded into the .mp3 file

  • Your cover art should be in a square format that is no larger than 3000x3000 pxls

You are to attach both the cover art and .mp3 file. We currently only take single songs for consideration. Please do not upload an entire album as that will exceed our sites capacity.


If the metadata or cover art for you song is missing or improperly embedded, then we will not consider your song until you resubmit it with the metadata correctly embedded.

Apply For Guest Slots On Shows

Thanks for submitting!
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