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  • Religion and schizoaffective disorder informational

    NOTE No. 1-I am in no way a medical professional but only a person with an interest in this topic!! No. 2 -If you or anyone you know are struggling with mental illness please reach out to a medical professional or any trusted individual in your life!! Mental Health Resources!! Optimum joy therapy resource: Mindfulness and meditation: Intro Religion has impacted most aspects of society starting from earth's very first civilizations to the present day. With this in mind, inevitably, religious ideas have been worked into the subconscious mind of many people, leading to the phenomenon of religion based psychosis. Religion based psychosis or religious delusion is a symptom found in those experiencing schizophrenia. Individuals living with religious schizophrenia may have delusions including but not limited to the belief they are a god, a prophet sent by god, are pregnant with Christ, or a saint of some kind. On the flip side, religious psychosis can lead an individual to believe that they are being punished by a god or being sent to their version of an underworld for their existence. Religious schizophrenia or “Religiosity” is typically diagnosed in people aging from 16-25 years old as they are more impressionable to religious ideas. Firstly, In medical practice, there are no clarifications between practical religion and re religious delusion. Many people feel negatively about religion and have the right to not believe in its practices so the concept lacks research. Religious psychosis is diagnosed if religious delusions are in tandem with other common signs of psychosis such as disorganized behavior, aggression, agitation, hostility, hyperactivity etc. What causes religious psychosis? Religious delusions can develop in someone for many reasons. The surrounding social environment or cultural background of the individual affects the mental state and plays a major role in the type of delusions one may experience. Another reason why one person may experience this type of delusion is because of neurologic lesions from traumatic injury. Conclusion Much is unknown about religious psychosis but its one of the most common delusions for a person experiencing schizoaffective disorder to have. By raising more awareness to this type of delusion we can better help and support our loved ones who experience this disorder. As I mentioned before I am in NO way a medical professional however my intention writing this was to inform and hopefully educate individuals on this usually brushed over area of the mental health discussion.

  • About the Blogger!

    Hello and welcome to my blog!! I am a senior at Homewood-Flossmoor high school and an aspiring writer with a passion for understanding.I am the type of person who really attaches to new and semi-random topics as I am naturally curious!! In this blog I plan to write about a new topic every month whether that be the psychological effects of religion or a positive story I felt needed to be shared. My goal is to encourage new perspectives to my readers and have fun. I am only a novice so please be patient with me!! Thank you for reading!! About me Other than writing, I participate in cross country and track at school but also enjoy meditation. I'm a big believer in mind over matter and meditation has motivated me to pursue my dreams and develop a healthier mindset towards life!! Music is also a major part of my life as I've been playing the bass guitar for two years now! I have made many friendships and connections in my community from playing in small bands and growing up around the culture of blues and jazz. Aside from that I always love finding new books and art to read and appreciate (although I am not much of an artist myself). Q&A Favorite food: French fries Favorite color: Green and Purple Favorite TV Show/ Movie: Rupals Drag Race / Midsommar Extra Fact: I love reptiles ! That's basically all the fun facts I can think of so please have an amazing day!! I hope you enjoy!! -N.McDowell

  • A Brief History Of WVTC

    In the beginning, God had told me two scriptures “He will restore what the cankerworm has stolen and his eyes have not seen, ears have not heard neither has it entered into the heart of men. The things that God has in store for you.” I was recently divorced and my spirit felt completely lost. I was living inside of my car couch to couch but on March 10th God had told me to start a radio station. April 3rd, 2017 was WVTC’s first day of broadcasting. We had a laptop, a microphone,a mixer and a desk( all under 300 dollars) to start the radio station. The station was in the basement of a house for three weeks. By the first week in May, we moved into our first building on 2025 W 175th Street in Lansing into a small office where I split the room with Carlton McDowell of Vibe-In radio. I spent the next couple of months struggling with money and battling homelessness but little did I know what the lord had in store for me. By July, 2017 Ramon Perry came on the station to start his own show. Ramon Perry was someone I had met in the very beginnings of WVTC, before I knew anything about running a radio station. I went to a concert at Dr. Russel B. Harris Sr’s Beautiful Zion Missionary Baptist Church.That day, Ramon Perry was singing in concert and God told me to ask him if he would be interested in doing a show on the station. He would ask me,”What was the name of the radio station?” and I told him “I don't have one yet”. He politely told me that when I was ready to give him a call. After three months of silence he accepted my offer and became a major part of our team. After months of patience and trusting the lord's promises to me we were finally nominated for our first Stellar award. Every aspect of the award show was absolutely surreal to me. The lights, the red carpet, the stage all overwhelmed me with joy. Ms. Sandy Rose, owner of the WVTC Detroit station, was seated right next to me during the show. Ms. Sandy excitedly said “we won!” while I sat frozen in shock. We went up on stage, accepted the award and walked out to the front where all the WVTC family were in the hallway screaming with joy. While everyone else was celebrating I started to think about all the pain that I had to go through to get here. All of the heartache, disappointment, tears, people telling me I couldn't do it and that I was wasting my time. When it finally started to sink in, I remembered how God had promised me this elevation, he promised me the unthinkable and that's what finally broke me into tears. That award was not only for best online radio station but for my obedience to Christ. The journey of WVTC has been one of the best of my life. Christ has given me a second chance and through his faith and glory we, as a company, will only grow. We are now up in nominees for radio station internet radio station of the year and I believe that we are going to win it again. This is only the beginning.

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