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About the Blogger!

Hello and welcome to my blog!! I am a senior at Homewood-Flossmoor high school and an aspiring writer with a passion for understanding.I am the type of person who really attaches to new and semi-random topics as I am naturally curious!! In this blog I plan to write about a new topic every month whether that be the psychological effects of religion or a positive story I felt needed to be shared. My goal is to encourage new perspectives to my readers and have fun. I am only a novice so please be patient with me!! Thank you for reading!!

About me

Other than writing, I participate in cross country and track at school but also enjoy meditation. I'm a big believer in mind over matter and meditation has motivated me to pursue my dreams and develop a healthier mindset towards life!! Music is also a major part of my life as I've been playing the bass guitar for two years now! I have made many friendships and connections in my community from playing in small bands and growing up around the culture of blues and jazz. Aside from that I always love finding new books and art to read and appreciate (although I am not much of an artist myself).


Favorite food: French fries

Favorite color: Green and Purple

Favorite TV Show/ Movie: Rupals Drag Race / Midsommar

Extra Fact: I love reptiles !

That's basically all the fun facts I can think of so please have an amazing day!! I hope you enjoy!!


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