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Religion and schizoaffective disorder informational


No. 1-I am in no way a medical professional but only a person with an interest in this topic!!

No. 2 -If you or anyone you know are struggling with mental illness please reach out to a medical professional or any trusted individual in your life!!

Mental Health Resources!!

Mindfulness and meditation:


Religion has impacted most aspects of society starting from earth's very first civilizations to the present day. With this in mind, inevitably, religious ideas have been worked into the subconscious mind of many people, leading to the phenomenon of religion based psychosis. Religion based psychosis or religious delusion is a symptom found in those experiencing schizophrenia. Individuals living with religious schizophrenia may have delusions including but not limited to the belief they are a god, a prophet sent by god, are pregnant with Christ, or a saint of some kind. On the flip side, religious psychosis can lead an individual to believe that they are being punished by a god or being sent to their version of an underworld for their existence. Religious schizophrenia or “Religiosity” is typically diagnosed in people aging from 16-25 years old as they are more impressionable to religious ideas.

Firstly, In medical practice, there are no clarifications between practical religion and re

religious delusion. Many people feel negatively about religion and have the right to not believe in its practices so the concept lacks research. Religious psychosis is diagnosed if religious delusions are in tandem with other common signs of psychosis such as disorganized behavior, aggression, agitation, hostility, hyperactivity etc.

What causes religious psychosis?

Religious delusions can develop in someone for many reasons. The surrounding social environment or cultural background of the individual affects the mental state and plays a major role in the type of delusions one may experience. Another reason why one person may experience this type of delusion is because of neurologic lesions from traumatic injury.


Much is unknown about religious psychosis but its one of the most common delusions for a person experiencing schizoaffective disorder to have. By raising more awareness to this type of delusion we can better help and support our loved ones who experience this disorder. As I mentioned before I am in NO way a medical professional however my intention writing this was to inform and hopefully educate individuals on this usually brushed over area of the mental health discussion.

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